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About us

DT Solutions Ltd is an established design and product development company whose customers benefit from a committed service from enquiry to quotation and through to manufacture.

We provide CNC Cutting and Routing services for companies and individuals that require 2D or 3D machined wood, MDF, plastic and acrylics, high-pressure laminates and metal components. Our CNC machines are also complimented by a powerful laser engraver which is suited to cutting, engraving and etching, enabling us to fulfil almost any criteria.

Our machine capacity includes:

  • CNC Machining Centres, maximum travel 1020 x 457mm
  • CNC Routers, maximum bed 3050 x 1500mm
  • CNC turning up to 400mm diameter
  • CAD/CAM systems, 1 off including 3D modelling and surfacing
  • Laser Cutting & Engraver, maximum bed 900 x 600mm

Due to the fact that we are a British company we could offer fast lead times, quick prototype manufacturing, and quick and efficient customer liaising.

Our machining set-up allows modifications and improvements to be implemented throughout the design process creating a more efficient and accurate production process.

DT Solutions Ltd, Unit 7 Woodrow Way, Gloucester, GL2 5DX, UK
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